VIDANE.NET — As originally announced by the Vidane Admin team on the VR Facebook page, Vidane Racing will be opening the season with a pair of non-points weekends with some exciting exhibition races!

Anyone remember GSR vs Vidane waaaay back in the day? We’re bringing that style of race back for this year’s Exhibition races!

Both events will be run with 43 slots available, first come first serve.

Event 1, January 4th
(practice starts at 7pm, 1 hour long)
MENCS Cars at Michigan
70 laps at Michigan
Fixed unique plate racing style setup
Teams will be randomly sorted into 3 different teams;
Vidane Red, Vidane Blue, Vidane Pink
(same colors flown in the GSR vs Vidane races of old)
Work with your team to score the most points. The team with the highest total point count (per the 2020 Vidane scoring system) wins the event!

Event 2, January 11th
(practice starts at 7pm, 1 hour long)
The guantlet. Have a good laugh in 3 different car/track combos that have absolutely no business being combined! The same team format will be carried out only this time it will spread between 3 different no-caution sprint races. All races will be run on fixed setups.

Race 1: Pro 4 Trucks at Tsukuba Circuit, 20 laps
Race 2: Pro Mazda at Indianapolis, 25 laps
(1 caution at lap 15, admin controlled. Yellow laps do not count)
Race 3: Dirt Legends at Eldora, 50 laps
(1 caution at lap 25, admin controlled. Yellow laps do not count)