Rowdy’s Dippin on-board with 2020 Season

FLORIDA — News broke earlier today that Rowdy’s Dippin, based out of North Florida, has signed on for the 2020 Superspeedway Series as a supporting sponsor.

Rowdy’s Dippin is owned and operated by former Vidane Racing Champion runner-up and current General Manager of Vidane Racing, Wesley Hoag.

Rowdy’s Dippin Services is a liquid wrap company that was founded in 2015 by Wes, who has been able to make it strive and compete with some of the top wrap companies in the Southeast region of the country. Not only are they a supporting sponsor of Vidane Racing, they are also a proud sponsor of JD Motorsports, the NASCAR Xfinity Series team. Wes and Rowdy’s Dipping will be funding our broadcasts, hosted races, as well as merchandise and advertising material for the league. We welcome Rowdy’s Dippin’ Services with open arms, and look forward to our partnership through the season!