FORMAT ANNOUNCED : Triple Team Exhibition

Hello everyone! We hope you had an excellent holiday season! Now that the formalities are done and dusted, it’s time to kick off your 2020 with a bang with us here at Vidane Racing!

Cups Cars
Michigan (fixed, plate racing style setup)
70 laps, 1 reset

This Saturday, January 4th, is our first of 2 exhibition events for Season 8. We realize that we have far more members than we have slots available for this round, so unfortunately this weekend’s event will be a first come first serve. We don’t wish to make an exhibition event a 3 hour happening by running heats. If you are unable to make this exhibition we are very sorry but do not be discouraged; we have one more exhibition available on the 11th!

A one hour long practice session will be scheduled at 7pm Eastern this Saturday in League Sessions. To secure your slot in the main event, simply register and run some laps with us in practice. 42 slots will be available. Once the slots have filled, we will be handing out the password for the main event in the server, which will be in the regular hosted session of iRacing. At this time we will also be putting in everyone’s names into a randomizer and selecting you into one of 3 teams; Blue, Red, or Pink. Once you have been placed into a team, please change the primary color of your iRacing paint for the main event to the team you have been assigned to:

Red: #FF0505
Blue: #0579FF
Pink: #FF05A5

Here’s a quick tutorial that covers how to use color codes in the iRacing paint system:

The main event session is scheduled to come up at 8:05pm with a 15 minute warmup, 2 laps of single car qualifying, and a 70 lap race. Work with your team to score the most points. The team with the highest total point count (per the 2020 Vidane scoring system) wins the event!

Please join us in discord for the race!

See you this weekend!