Driver Spotlight: Wes “Rowdy” Hoag

To start the season, we would like to spotlight the one who inspired the idea of bringing the Vidane league back to life in 2020. After finishing runner up for season 6 in 2013, Wes took an extension break from Sim racing leagues. Since then, he raced one partial season in 2017 and a partial season in 2019 at his local dirt track, in Lake City Florida. Wes won Rookie of the Year, bringing home 2 wins in the “Box Stock” division. November of 2019, Wes approached Paul and Ian with the idea of bringing Vidane racing back to life. Little did he know, both had the same idea, but never ventured down the road until now. Wes has made the decision to take a break from real life racing, to gain his love for sim racing again, and bring Vidane back to the forefront of Superspeedway racing to the iRacing community. With several iRacing wins as well a history with Vidane in the past, we can only anticipate what he will be able to bring to the table as the General Manager of Vidane Racing!