This weeks Driver Spotlight focuses on Shawn Butler!

29 years old, originally from East Northport, New York and mostly grew up in Lake Mary, Florida, Shawn has been sim racing consistently since 2002. First sim experience was on NASCAR Racing 2. No real racing experience besides casual go-karting with friends, however, Shawn has been a well known name in the sim racing world, notably winning the second split pro-series July Daytona race in 2018. Outside of sim racing, Shawn is an avid basketball player, huge fan of all types of sports and just a chill guy. If you’ve raced with him and talked to him during a race, that’s how he is in person also. Shawn has no problem creating some comedy relief during intense moments, which is one of many reasons we’re happy to have him here. Shawn is currently 2nd in points, only 5 behind Wes “Rowdy” Hoag. We look forward to racing with Shawn in the coming weeks of Season 8. Good luck on the track!