DRIVER SPOTLIGHT : Paul Strickland Jr

MOODUS, CT — From on track in simulation to turn one at Stafford Speedway, Paul Strickland Jr has an unrecognizable personality and physical representation. At just shy of 6′ tall and weighing in at a ton-of-fun, Paul Jr is very hard to miss in person.

His Sim Racing career started way back in 2004, while still in High School. Still recognized to this day by his original handle “doZer24,” Paul Jr first started with the NASCAR Heat franchise for PC; where he joined in to the Good Ole Boys Racing League where his online racing skills were first trained by the likes of “Josparky,” “Lugox,” “Sixshooter,” “GR8-1,” “DHIB8,” and the list goes on and on and on.

In 2005, Paul Jr also started up with the NASCAR Heat Racing League, for a handful of starts. The NHRL is still in operation today and run by none other than “Lepage71.” Strickland ran NHRL for a few years under the team “Cutting Edge Motorsports” which was founded by online racing’s Dustin Lagrange and Bryan Bliss. Strickland had a top finish of 4th place at Daytona in the Truck series in a 2005 race.

After hanging NASCAR Heat up on the shelf and moving on to the newer, more in-depth game, NASCAR Racing 2003, which many can say was made wildly popular by the likes of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s and his online league, DMP. This is where Paul Jr moved into the GOBRL on NR2003 and started to really build a personality in the Sim Racing world.

Moving on to 2008. 2008 was a big year because it featured the creation of Vidane Racing by Steve Luvender and Paul Strickland Jr. The two ran the series for two years in the NR2003 simulation, before agreeing to do LIVE online broadcasts for the 3rd season. To date, the third season of Vidane Racing is the most popular, as each race in the six race season drew more than 90+ online drivers to attempt to qualify for the 43 spots for the feature events. The series went on for a few years; carrying on the success to the iRacing Simulation.

In 2011 Paul Strickland Jr made his way from the simulated track to the real thing, as he had worked out a deal with Gary Spinnato, co-owner of Rent A Racecar, to drive a street stock at Stafford Motor Speedway for the very first time. The first time Paul was at the track was the first time he actually raced in a NASCAR Sanctioned race; ending the night with a solid 13th place finish. Paul Jr would go on to have two more starts in the series in the next few years finishing 11th and 9th respectively.

Season 7 in 2013-2014 was a hot topic season as well. Each and every one of the races were professionally broadcast LIVE, and as made mention at the beginning of the season, the Champion of Season 7 would go on to get a FREE Rental from Rent a Racecar, where Paul Strickland Jr had been working with since 2011. The Champion, who ended up being Ian Plasch that year, also received a fully custom Championship Belt made by ProAmBelts.

Fast forward to 2019; after a few years of hiatus. Paul Strickland Jr was confronted by Wesley Hoag who wanted to revisit the success’ of the past with the Vidane Racing League. The two, paired with Ian Plasch have been working diligently to put together another Season of racing at Vidane Racing after almost 4 years off. After just a few short weeks of open registration, Vidane has seen over 50+ drivers sign up for the 2020 Season!

At the track, Paul Jr plans on starting a handful of races for Rent A Racecar at Stafford Speedway as well as returning as a sponsor for RAR with his Angry Tree Guy brand.