At the age of 21, Logan Kress already has 16 years of sim racing under his belt, dating all the back to the NASCAR console games, when he used to skip kindergarten class to tire test at Charlotte. From Berkley, Mass, Logan enjoys working, partying, and bowing down to his hero, Tom Brady, hoping one day that Tom will give him a peck on the lips, as as he does his son. In his 16 years of sim racing, Logan participated in the 2018 Pro series, bringing a win home at Charlotte, as well as raced in the 2019 PEAK series. He is also the 2019 i Got Ballz 250 Champion, and past Vidane Champion , with an average finish of 2.0 in his entire Vidane career. Logan is a Vidane veteran, and Iracing veteran, and we absolutely love when he sits on our pole, in any given Vidane race. He is last weeks winner, and we look forward to seeing him race with us in the future!