2020 NSS eWorld Series Rulebook

**subject to review and changes**

Day of Week: Wednesday Night
Duration: 9 Weeks (schedule)
Start Date: Wednesday, April 29, 2020
Practice: 7:00PM EST
Drivers Meeting: 7:50PM EST
Qualifying: 7:55PM EST
Race Start: 8:05PM EST
Series Used: Street Stocks, Tour Modifieds, Super Late Models
Track: New Smyrna
Race Setup: Fixed Setups
Resets: 0
Length: ~100 miles
Max Fuel Load: 100% Fuel
GWC Attempts: 5

Causing an incident: Eye in the sky makes the call. Unless deemed a racing incident, driver at fault will be forced to go to EOLL.
After the 2nd, driver will be asked to park. If parked, driver will be docked 10 points, will start the next race with 1 strike.
If driver races clean following race, he will be cleared.
Intentional cautions/wrecking will be automatically forced to park, will be suspended for 1 full race.
Retaliation falls under intentionally bringing out a caution, will not tolerate yellow flag mischief.

Race Chatter
Limited race chatter once green flag flies. Under caution, feel free to chat until 1 to go. Keep race chatter race related.

Flagman controls the start, leader controls the restart. Double file restarts. No passing before crossing start/finish line (you, not leader). If violated, driver will be penalized with a drive through penalty. If 2 cautions occur within 5 green flag laps of racing, we restart single file, until 10 green flag laps are ran. Restarts within 10 laps to go will be double file no matter what. 5 GWC.

Standard NASCAR yellow line rules. White lines are to be considered out of bounds as well. If driver is deemed to violate rule (passing under the yellow/white) driver will be forced to do a pass through penalty under green. If driver is forced below the line, no penalty. If rule is violated on the last lap, driver at fault will be scored tail end of lead lap. Front bumper must be at the rear tire of the car you are attempting to pass to be considered forced.

Behavior Under Caution
Stay in line, in the position that you are in. Don’t wander throughout the field, professionalism is expected, as well as keeping pace speed. If an emergency is to occur, please pull off the track, or down pit road. Driver then will restart EOLL.

Racing Conduct
Blocking IS ALLOWED, however, must be done within reason. Any incident caused by a block, will be an incident point, and will have you EOLL or forced to park. Race with respect of your fellow racers, the league, as well as iRacing as a whole. These races will be broadcasted, and will be viewed by many people. Standard iRacing procedure and penalties will be enforced.

Black Flags
Standard iRacing rules and procedures will be enforced, with exception of:
A. Driving down pit road to avoid an incident.
B. Receiving a black flag while entering pits due to a car not keeping up with pace
C. Car next to you in line fails to restart correctly D. Incident, such as spinning through grass, forces your car down pit road

GWC Restarts
If a driver is deemed at fault of an incident causing the race to end under caution (deemed at fault by eye in the sky), driver will be scored tail end of lead lap. If driver is caught bringing out the caution intentionally to cause a GWC, driver then will be parked, further penalities may occur.

Chat Integrity
Zero toleration for bashing/flaming of other drivers. If a driver has an issue with another, please contact an admin after the nights event. You will receive one warning. After that warning, you will be forced to park, and/or removed from the league indefinitely. Keep chat race related. no excessive profanity, zero racial slurs.

Respect of Admins Decision
Respect admins as you would any race official. If admin deems you are at fault of an incident, and you feel it is incorrect, please approach that admin in a respective manner after the nights event.

Standard accumulative points system.
Winner will receive 40 points, plus 1 for winning.
2nd will receive 39 points,
3rd will receive 38, and so on.
Leading a lap will result in a 1 point bonus,
Leading the most laps will result in a 1 point bonus
In result, winning a race could award 43 points at max.

Qualifying Format
Traditional 2 lap, single car qualifying session for every series except Street Stocks. 4 lap session for that series.
We ask for silence during qualifying, until the timer is up.

Practice Procedure
Treat practice like a race. Take it seriously, no intentionally wrecking.

Connection Issues
You will be warned by an admin about the issue. It will be your responsibility to find a solution or to move to the back of the pack until the connection issue is resolved. If you do not move to the back of the pack, and the connection issue continues, you will be forced to park. You will be given ample amount of time to fix this issue.
Laps will not be given back to a driver that drops connection; resulting in going multiple laps down.