This weeks spotlight focuses on Vidane Racing competitor and iRacing veteran, Johnathan Goke! 33 years old, from the backwoods of Alabama, Goke has been on iRacing since 2010. He’s won 8 overall IndyCar championships, 9 full length Indianapolis 500 wins, and on his spare time, he is a certified storm chaser. We asked Goke what a championship would mean to him, and his answer was simply, “It would mean the world to me. It may not ever happen, but just like Auburns chances at winning a National Title in NCAA Football, even the impossible has a fighting chance.” However, the “Babyface Boomer” has been married for 12 years, which may be his biggest accomplishment in life to date. We send his wife our condolences, and look forward to him leading the pack, even when down a lap, in future races!