VIDANE, HQ — You thought we were going to let the Winter Season slip on by without having a Vidane Sanctioned series run, didn’t ya?


It is with GREAT pleasure that we are able to announce today that we announce the biggest collaboration in Sim Racing history!

Vidane Racing, which started back around 2005-2006, has been around the block a time or two. As the years have gone by, there have been troubles, but there have also been great successes. With the most recent series drawing over 90+ drivers and awarding our Champion with a free Street Stock rental courtesy of Rent A Racecar in Berlin, CT.

SIM500 shares a similar history. The folks at SIM500 have been around Sim Racing as long, if not LONGER than Vidane Racing, but have never really crossed paths….until TODAY!

Starting in November, the big news happens! Where Vidane Racing hits the tracks one more time! This time, partnered up with SIM500 to bring you the Vidane Racing Superspeedway Series powered by SIM500!

“To be approached by a group as big and well-known in the Sim Racing Community as SIM500 was very humbling for me! Everyone who has been around for a while knows that SIM500 is one of, if not the biggest group in the history of Sim Racing! To hear that Joey Gattina was excited to see a Vidane Racing return and wanted to work with us was very cool for me! Really looking forward to the future and beyond with this collaboration!”
— Paul Strickland Jr, Vidane Racing Co-Founder, President

“Success for me in Sim Racing is surrounding yourself with good people. That’s how leagues like Sim500 and Vidane racing can build such a long history. It’s an honor to have Sim500 partner with Paul Strickland and Vidane racing. These two leagues go back 15 plus years and in my opinion shaped the success of many other great leagues running today. I look forward to a long friendship/Partnership with Vidane and can’t wait to get the Saturday Night Vidane Racing SuperSpeedway Series presented by Sim500 on track”
–Joey Gattina, Sim500 President

Each race WILL be broadcast on VidaneTV AND OH BY THE WAY!
….there WILL be a Championship Belt!

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